Islet Cartography

The Islet Cartography project will shed new light on the regulatory and functional architecture of the human pancreatic Islets of Langerhans with the aim of further-ing the understanding of how it contributes to health and disease, most notably to diabetes. The Islet Cartography project aims to collect, integrate, and jointly analyse highly resolved molecular datasets from multiple modalities with new data science me-thods to build a comprehensive map of the human islet. The map will be made publicly available for other researchers to pave the way for new insight that could lead to prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diabetes and other pancreas-related diseases.

Human Gene Regulatory Map 

The Madsen group is a partner in the Human Gene Regulation Map (HGRM), a part of the new Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Genomic Mechanisms of Dis-ease  (NNFC). The aim of HGRM is to build comprehensive maps of gene regulation in the human genome as a resource for un-covering biological mechanisms on common genetic diseases, with an initial focus on cell types relevant to cardiometabolic diseases including type 2 diabetes. We aim to combine recent advances in genomics, molecular biology, single-cell analysis, and stem cell models with approaches in computational biology and machine learning to identify fundamental rules of gene regulation.


The Madsen group is a partner in the Center for Functional Genomics and Tissue Plasticity (ATLAS). The aim of ATLAS is to obtain systems-level, mechanistic and cell type-resolved understanding of adipose and hepatic tissue plasticity in response to diet-induced obesity and regres-sion in mouse models; and to translate this for in-depth under-standing of the functional chan-ges in human adipose and hepatic tissues in response to severe obesity and reversal. The center applies a combination of functional genomics approaches including single cell sequencing, mouse models, proteomics, in vivo targeting, computational biology, and clinical studies.  



Jesper Grud Skat Madsen

Principal Investigator

Jakob Nielsen

Shared with Susanne Mandrup

Gabija Kavaliauskaitė 

PhD student

Andreas Fønss Møller

PhD student

Cecilie Bøgh Cargnelli

PhD student

Trine Vestergaard Dam

Co-supervised PhD student
with Lars Grøntved

Isabell Victoria Strandby Ernst

Co-supervised PhD student
with Susanne Mandrup

Project students

Shad Haval Omer Hassan Individual project
Gabriel Elmazi Bachelor project


Jesper Grud Skat Madsen, PhD

Assistant Professor of Computational Biology
Section for Data Science and Statistics
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
University of Southern Denmark